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The lightbulb man
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Bjarne Melgaard's WAT Collection is here, featuring 1025 unique NFT artworks that redefine the boundaries of creativity expressed in the Genesis Collection. Join the revolution and own a piece of this exclusive collection.
For you. by you. of you.
The Lightbulb Man is the digital art revolution, where you don’t just own a rare collectible – you become part of it through the Ethereum blockchain’s NFT technology. Your digital identity, interlinked with art that cannot be forged. Non-fungible, transparent and highly exclusive.
For the first time ever, Melgaard’s pieces will also be named - by you. All his works have been published as ‘untitled’ until now. When you buy a Lightbulb Man piece, you’ll be able to name it and so carve your own imprint into digital art history
The art
1025 unique works of art. The same, and yet entirely different. Each piece Melgaard creates is its own, with extraordinary and hidden traits that make every Lightbulb Man different to the next.
Unique traits, colours, objects, and other markers - all conceptualised by Melgaard’s artistic expression. The collection is contrast, innovation, and creativity - harnessed uniquely and characteristically in each work. They are all raw expressions; art that moves and challenges and disconcerts, in a way only Melgaard masters.
To combat unwanted activities the artworks shown will have watermarking on them. This is temporary and will be removed once the art is purchased.
The Genesis Collection
1025 unique works of art. The same, and yet entirely different. Each piece Melgaard creates is its own, with extraordinary and hidden traits that make every Lightbulb Man different to the next.
  • 12 ETH highest sale on a Melgaard blockchain artwork.
  • Over 90% of holders have held since the original mint.
  • Steady floor in a turbulent market.
  • Hosted a metaverse rave seen by millions.
  • An Art Legacy on the Blockchain.
The WAT Collection
As the curtains rise on the latest release, the stage is set for an epic battle between the lightbulb man and his greatest adversary yet - his addiction. Will he succumb to its call and take the WAT, or will he rise above and triumph over its alluring pull?
Photo: Morten Qvale
The Creator
Bjarne Melgaard is considered Norway’s most important contribution to international art since Edvard Munch. He operates in a space between norm and expectation, and pulls out the darkest depths of us all; a paradigm disruptor and art rebel. His works are swollen brush strokes of sombre expressions against vivid colours. Stunning and terrifying.
His disruption to the art world is a paradox in and of itself. Prestigious institutions, like MoMA, Astrup Fearnley, MARTa Herford, and S.M.A.K., celebrate him. The likes of The New York Times and BBC cover him. And yet his works are vandalised, police reported, and censored. How fitting, then, that the artist who breathes revolution and provocation is fueling the disruption of art as we know it.
The Tech
The Lightbulb Man is powered by NFT technology. These non-fungible tokens are certificates, stored securely and transparently on the Ethereum blockchain. Unalterable and forgery-proof, they are also the digital counterpart to analogue ownership, and the connection between your identity and your Lightbulb Man.
The tech makes it possible to verify your digital ownership automatically, and the ownership is coded onto the blockchain.
A random algorithm on the blockchain distributes each NFT token once the sale closes, which is also when your virtual treasure hunt begins. By flipping through the completed collection, you will be able to compare your piece - your digital identity - to the others, and determine its rarity.
All Lightbulb Man works are rare. But like the da Vincis, Warhols, and Munchs on the traditional art market, some pieces will be rarer than others.
The Future
Historically, our society’s view of art has remained largely unchanged since antiquity - and Lightbulb Man is the digital step forward. Just as rare, just as evocative. Just more transparent, accessible, and democratised on the blockchain. Enter the realm of digital art - and come shape the future.
  • 12-hour Techno Rave in Decentraland to celebrate the launch of The Lightbulb Man.
  • Name your Lightbulb Man on the blockchain forever. You can choose his identity, a completely custom piece for you by Bjarne Melgaard.
  • IRL galleries across Scandinavia
  • HATEFUCK, Clubnight in Oslo only for holders
  • Every holder gets a physical print of their NFT.
  • LBM statue to give away
  • Transformation Merch - Spread the light IRL - Holders get exclusive access to a limited fashion store featuring design by Bjarne Melgaard.
  • 10 selected holders will be awarded an exclusive physical piece by Bjarne Melgaard
  • WAT IS GOING ON? - New release, will your lightbulb man succumb to their addiction and take the WAT?
  • WAT is coming
  • WAT is minting
THE LIGHTBULB MAN - Bjarne Melgaard
The future of art, reimagined
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