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User guide for dummies
Learn about digital art and how to buy it.
Everything you need to know about crypto currency, non-fungible tokens, digital wallets and more.
Getting started
Digital currency
Crypto wallet
Transfer Ethereum
Buy your Lightbulbman
Norwegian? Use Kaupang Krypto
The Norwegian Crypto broker firm Kaupang Krypto are collaborating with NFT AS to give Norwegian customers the possibility to acquire one of their very own Lightbulb Man.

Read more about the collaboration here.
Getting started
This guide explains the three things you'll need in place to open your account and start buying your own Lightbulbman.
1. Digital currency
Ethereum (ETH) is the digital currency that is used to purchase a lightbulbman.You can get this currency in a exchange like Coinbase.

Follow the steps below to create an account and buy your first digital currency:
1.1 Create an account at Coinbase
Picture explaining how to create an account
1.2 Add a payment method to your account
First picture explaining how to add payment method to account
Second picture explaining how to add payment method to account
1.3 Buy Ethereum
First picture explaining how to buy Ethereum
Second picture explaining how to buy Ethereum
2. Crypto Wallet
Now that you have Ethereum, let's get a crypto wallet. A crypto wallet, such as MetaMask, stores your Ehereum. A unique wallet address will be generated and you will use this address to complete transactions.

All transactions connected to your wallet address can be found on It's always a good idea to check Etherscan after completing each transaction.
2.1 Download MetaMask for your browser.
Picture explaing how to download Metamask
2.2 Create your digital wallet
First picture explaining how to create a digital wallet
Second picture explaining how to create a digital wallet
Third picture explaining how to create a digital wallet
3. Transfer Ethereum to your wallet.
Now that you have installed your wallet with MetaMask and have obtained Ethereum at Coinbase, you can transfer funds to your wallet.
3.1 Copy your wallet address from MetaMask.
Picture explaing how to copy wallet adress
3.2 Send Ethereum from your Coinbase account.
Press «Send/receive» and paste the address you copied from Metamask into the «To» field. Remember to select Ethereum as payment.
Picture explaining how to send Ethereum to your account
4. Buy your Lightbulbman!
Now that you have Ethereum in your Metamask wallet, you can purchase a Lightbulbman!
4.1 Connect your wallet to
Picture explaining how to connect your wallet to
4.2 Purchase your Lightbulbman!
Picture explaining how to purchase a Lightbulbman NFT
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